Welcome to LA MOIRE resort- A perfect blend of nature and peace!

We are delighted to say that it is a welcoming reality for those prepared to venture just that little bit further into one of the  “best resorts near me”  wholesome holiday locations. Here, you will enter a world of blissful, carefree enjoyment on one of the stunning retreats. One can say the newest luxury integrated resort is built on the Bhimashankar.  An ideal hill station getaway, the pleasant surroundings, complete with flora in any direction you look, make it soothing for the senses. To cherish every moment of your special day, like birthdays, corporate parties, family functions, friends’ gatherings and not to forget, a great escape from reality to spend a chilling weekend. The grand La-Moire resort is an exclusive luxury resort that blends warmly with a striking combination of modern elegance and sound hideout.